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Saturday, January 28, 2012

C-Rex's Art of the Week

Welcome to my blog, Domain of the C-Rex. Today, we start in the earliest hours of Saturday with my art of the week, all drawn by yours truly. I'm no Rey or Stout, mind you, but hopefully you'll like them.

Silvisaurus condrayi among Dakota Formation residents; troodonts, "hypsilophodonts", dromaeosaurs, and pterodactyloids.

The expression on his face says it all "The thagomizers do the talking". Loricatosaurus priscus.

Stygimoloch spinifer crushes the light frame of Saurornitholestes sp, who screams its last words in its raptor language, "I'll see you in Hell...Creek!" Her mate loses his footing while Avisaurus archibaldi, Didelphodon vorax, and Thescelosaurus neglectus flee.

The noble simurgh and it's not so noble baby.

That's all I have for now, but check back later!

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