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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Roly-Poly Ridiculous Rain Frogs

One of the classic textbook examples of the difference between toads and frogs, including skin texture, is that obviously frogs live near water and toads live more inland than their more lovable cousins. The rain frogs read this textbook, promptly put it down, and with a smug look, said "Nope".

Look at that smug bastard's face. He's breaking all the stereotypes.

Honestly, the more you look at them, the more ridiculous they get. They're practically the pugs of amphibians; ugly enough to be adorable. Their faces are smashed in, their legs are short and stumpy, and their skin is covered in little warts. And they're fat frogs too. Oh yah, they squeak as well.

Yes, rain frogs will actually squeak you into submission, sounding like a dying chew toy as they probably list off vulgar insults in their language. I also mentioned earlier that rain frogs aren't very water-loving. Quite a few species, such as the squeaky Namaqua rain frog above live right in the middle of the desert and scrub. Burrowing underground (where else?), they wait for rains to come, then emerge and devour insects. The Cape rain frog in the first picture, lives in fynbos, while others live on the savanna. Either way, most of them don't sit around in ponds like the frogs here in Illinois. 

I leave you with this. Tomorrow, murderfrogs.

None of the pictures provided belong to the author.

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