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Monday, April 29, 2013

Media Review #3: Jurassic Park 3D

April 29, 2013,

This is the last Jurassic Park movie, I swear. Don't eat me. How can I not review this movie after seeing it over my spring break a week ago. It's a classic movie both in terms of science and in general. If anything deserves attention during it's re-release it's this movie.

Also that Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello are 33 and 29.

Ariana grew up into Jenna Bush-Hager and Joe grew up into Seth Green

The movie is the same thing story and editing wise as the original. Theres no extended scenes, new scores or extra CGI like one would expect in something like a Star Wars Re-release. The only things that were changed was the Resolution, the sound quality, and the removal of some of those glaring production gaffes like the hand on the raptor hip in the kitchen, the camera crew caught on film and the wire attached to the flipping jeep.

What was best that was new was the quality of the 3D in fact. I likely have a positive opinion of the 3D because it's Jurassic Park and I didn't have a lot of high hopes for it given it's status of post converted 3D since what you see on film happened over 20 years ago. Despite this, the 3D didn't look like a pop up book (ex: Clash of the Titans). It looked like it was filmed natively. It really struck me during all the scenes with dinosaurs. it made them look 10x more real. Even the stuff with the humans looked real, hairs actually stuck out as opposed to looking flat.

Yeah, not much piss to take from it since Jurassic Park was a pretty great movie. I'll find some movie with an annoying religious undertone for the next one so I can try to be funny again. Otherwise I have to act mature and write a "serious" review.

You'll just have to enjoy this video I think is really a sneaky Jeep advertisement taking place during the Vancouver Riots after a soccer game.

 I post it because I can. Suck it, Connor.

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