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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Epilogue; The Forgotten Museum Pictures

     Want to see more pictures from the museum? You don't? Well too bad! The point of this post is just so the other one didn't get overloaded with too many pictures. Most of the images here are from the North American section and the lower floor of the museum that led up to the lecture hall.

Diabloceratops. Unarguably the coolest ceratopsian to have ever existed.

Ankylosaurus parts. My camera decided to capture my reflection more
than the fossils.
Menacing beasts these Champsosaurus are.
Ernie the Hell Creek Alligatoroid. So adorable that they had to give him a name.
Mali Uromastyx, one of my personal favorite reptiles. Uromastyx always remind me of little hermits.

An American Crocodile skeleton on the top floor.
This isn't a joke, it's actually called a Big Brown Bat.
Beaver skulls are pretty nightmaric.
Fantastic Mr. Fox Snake.

These are some funny lookin' cats.

We bought a bunch of Kaiyodo dinosaur figures.
A pair of fish (Diplomystus?) from the Green River formation.
An Ordovician Sea display on the way out.
It actually had some really nice caustic lighting effects.

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