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Monday, October 28, 2013

Luck of the Raptor Foot

Ever felt that luck seems to be few and far between for you? Do you have a fancy for dinosaurs, particular those of the Dromaeosauridae family? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then do I have something for you. If you answered no to those questions, well, sit there and act like you're paying attention. Recently I had a great conversation with Stacy Trenary at The Dinosaur Store in Cocoa Beach Florida, and he showed me a wacky little contraption he's got going on Kickstarter. It's called the "Lucky Raptor Foot" (alluding to the Lucky Rabbit Foot of course) - a quirky little keychain with a hopefully-luck-bringing raptor foot on the end.

    As Stacy says on his page on Kickstarter, the idea is to better inform the public about how these raptors actually looked and behaved. Depending on how much you decide to donate, you can get not only one of these awesome raptor feet to call your own, but various authentic fossils (some that Stacy has actually found himself right here in Florida). There's only 14 days left before the Lucky Raptor Foot has to reach its goal, so lets make it happen. For the good of the general public, all of you dromaeosaur enthusiasts out there, and all that is lucky feet.

Of course I can only say so much, so here's the link to his page. Be sure to read the information and see what's in store for this unique and awesome little doo-dad:

And if you happen to be in the Cocoa Beach area, definitely swing by The Dinosaur Store if you get the chance. You can't miss it.


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