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Friday, February 10, 2012

C-Rex's Art of the Week 2

Well, I guessed I sort of missed last week, so we'll trawl up some drawings from then too.

Some very specific tyrannosaurs; Jane, the feathered rex at the bottom chewing on her contemporary Homer, the Rockford Triceratops; Sue, the largest of the tyrannosaurs pictured; Stan the second from the back starting to develop his mature feathers; and the Devil T. rex with a healthy mane of an adult male. Probably my favorite drawing I've done in a while.

Top to bottom: Triceratops horridus, Centrosaurus apertus, Zuniceratops christopheri, and Coahuilaceratops magnucerna. Done at school.

A baby Deinonychus antirrhopus finds himself prey to a raptor's nightmare; a fatal infestation of mites. Based on bird mites.

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