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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Burpee Museum Pictures 2

Yikes, it looks like I'm trying to get Mike's interview off this page. Nah, I would never do that intentionally. I'm just in a posting mood. From the Paleofest visit:

The new Diabloceratops skull.

Homer with his new pals.

The Kosmoceratops skull seen at the far left above.

A cast of Jane's skull.

Champsosaurus, the kickin' awesome crocodile niche Hell Creek animal from head on. Sweet Jesus, those teeth are like frickin' needles.

Pachycephalosaurus running away. I scared him! Ankylosaurus skull in background.

Head on collision!

If this picture isn't self explanatory, you're either dyslexic or blind. Or both.

A look at small, really small fossils from Hell Creek; a Chirostenotes claw, baby T. rex tooth, a scale, shell imprints, some thing in the background, and under that magnifying glass, a mammal's jaw. How you could even see these in the badlands with the naked eye boggles my mind.

Some amphibian.

Cockroaches! I think they were added between my older visit and the Paleofest one.

Some other amphibians and the notorious camera flash, often found where glass roams.

Kosmoceratops skull up close at one of the lectures, left behind from the dinner, I suppose.

Tyler Keillor's great Quetzalcoatlus cast.

A more panoramic view of Jane's room.


Neanderthal head from a temporary (?) exhibit.

Neanderthal bones.

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  1. I hope since a long time to see one day a close-up on this beautiful legless amphibian without this damned reccurent flash...