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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some More Theropods

This year is so far proving to be a productive year for theropods. What, with the giant (ok, 8.5ft and 100lbs) alvarezsaur Bonapartenykus, the very recent Ichthyovenator (which I think now might have just had one sail and that the fossil has broken vertebrae), and the astonishing Yutyrannus, we've had some phenomenal discoveries. And this keeps happening. Our first theropod story is on that mysterious ornithomimosaur Deinocheirus, the giant one with sloth arms to disembowel you with. Apparently, some gastralia were found with the remains of a Tarbosaurus, showing its last meal. So, we got some new Deinocheirus material.

Also in breaking news is the fresh off the shelf Ostafrikasaurus, the earliest known spinosaur, dating back to Tendaguru rocks 148 million years old. Looks like those Bahariya giants can trace their history back longer than we thought. Also in the news, while not a theropod, an unusual 450-million year old fossil was found, 7ft long. Nicknamed "Godzillus" =  awesome name.

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