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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some More Info on Spinosaurs

Looks like my blog was mentioned on LITCs newest post:


Pretty cool, though I had to beg like a sucker to get my blog in the list of links, ha ha.

Anyways, back to the point. If you read the post at LITC, David mentions a possible spinosaur phalanx (?) previously thought to be from Torvosaurus, the awesome theropod that terrorized the Morrison Formation (where the phalanx was found) and Portugal, as we all saw in Dinosaur Revolution. So, this means that spinosaurs had a potential reign (well, by bodies of water, I guess; the apex predator role was taken by carnosaurs and their cousins [spinosaurs] the megalosaurs) in a near-worldwide distribution. We now know they came from South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. With possible, scarce remains in Australia, and the phalanx mentioned earlier before, this means they could have occupied six continents. With dinosaurs such as titanosaurs, ankylosaurs, and dromaeosaurs showing up in Antarctica, could it be possible spinosaurs continued their range there too? Interesting food for thought. For now, we'll just have to wait.


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